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Steak It’s referral program is simple. We give you a unique link and you share it with other people who are not meal prep customers of Steak It. For each one that signs up for Steak It and becomes a paying customer, your account will be credited $7. There’s no limit on the number of people you can refer, and you can easily keep track of the ones that sign up from your unique partner link. Credits will be applied to your account 30 days after someone you refer becomes a paying customer.

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Each Steak It user is assigned a unique referral URL that is tied to the account they are affiliated with. The link can be shared in emails, social channels, conference presentations, blog posts, etc. When people click on your URL and land on, we will place a cookie in their browser with a duration of 60 days. If a contact has never clicked a Steak It tracking link, then the contact will have to both click the link, then complete a purchase in order to be tracked. If that person places an order within those 60 days and the cookie is present in their browser, you will be labeled as the referrer on the account. In order to get credit for the referral, please do not modify the link, otherwise, we will not be able to track you as the referrer and give you credit. You understand that your friends must have cookies enabled in their browser in order for your unique referral link to be appropriately tracked. If cookies are not enabled, you will not receive credits for those referrals.



Any credits received from successful referrals will be applied to the account that you, as a user, are part of.

Referral credits are not transferrable and may not be sold or exchanged for cash.



Your account will be eligible to receive the referral credit 30 days after your referral makes their first successful payment. If the first payment fails or is refunded upon cancellation, you will not be eligible to receive the referral credit. Your account must be active in order to receive referral credits. If your referral becomes a paying customer after you have canceled your account, you will not be eligible to receive the referral credit.

By joining our referral program, you agree to our Referral Program Terms & Conditions. In order to get credit for the customers you refer, please do not modify the link.