Meal Prep Packaging and Instructions

The details on how we package our meals and what to do after purchase.

We Prep. We Cook. You Eat.

At Steak It, we are conscious that being healthy goes beyond the food. This is why we use high-quality meal prep packaging with just the right characteristics to keep food not just safe, but fresh too.
Our meal prep packaging is:
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer Safe
  • Microwaveable
  • Safe for hot liquids
  • Recyclable
  • Made from renewable sources
  • Manufactured from food grade plastics compliant with FDA regulations
  • Made from BPA free and BPS free materials
  • Sourced from North American prime resin suppliers


Meal Prep Packages







Instructions for Storing & Reheating


Meals can be refrigerated or stored in the freezer. When storing in the freezer, ensure that vents are not popped open. Vents should be popped open only once you are ready to reheat your meals in the microwave. Our containers are amazing at keeping food fresh and easy to stack in your refrigerator to save space.


Once ready to reheat, heat meals on high for one minute in the microwave. Check your meal. Then heat for another 30 seconds. This will prevent vegetables from overheating.


If reheating in the oven, transfer your meal to an oven safe container before reheating.

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